Wednesday, 10 November 2021

NSWALNC 2021 Online Conference - 6 & 7 December 2021

Since March 2020, when the pandemic prevented face to face classes, adult literacy and numeracy teachers have been negotiating unprecedented challenges staying connected with their learners. In many education sectors, remote delivery using digital technologies was adopted as a solution during periods of lockdown, with varying degrees of success. However, this was not a viable option for many classes with disadvantaged learners. 

What the experience of the pandemic has highlighted for us is both the fragility of the connections we develop with learners, particularly those with limited economic and technology resources, and the significance to these learners of our efforts to improvise ways of staying connected with them. 

This conference takes up the theme of connecting with learners and their community, celebrating this as a key principle in the work we do. The conference will provide an opportunity to hear from researchers on studies they have undertaken that are related to this theme, and we invite you to share your initiatives, strategies and reflections on this theme with all of us.

Keynote Speakers

Alisa Belzer

Levon Blue
"Disrupting the alibi: Towards a post-colonial financial literacy ideal"

Marta Civil
"Parents as adult learners of mathematics:
The centrality of building relationships and community"

Sally Thompson
"The Literacy Village"


NSWALNC 2021 Members $40 (2 days) $30 (1 day) 

Non Members $60 (2 days) $40 (1 day)

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