Wednesday, 3 December 2014

NSW ALNC Conference - December 12 2014

December 12, 9am-4pm Aerial Function Centre, 235 Jones Street, Sydney 
This conference invites participants to critically explore the transformations in our field of Adult Basic Education, and how we want to respond to our field being re-badged or subsumed as 'foundation skills’. What do we gain, what do we lose? More importantly, what does this mean for learners? Are we simply being nostalgic, or is there something fundamental that we do not want to lose as a result of the name change? If so, what are some new spaces and places where we can be part of realising our learners’ dreams and aspirations? 
Keynote speakers 
Pam Osmond is known to many adult literacy and numeracy practitioners in Australia as a highly experienced and respected adult literacy teacher and mentor, author of many resources including Literacy Face to Face, and teacher educator at UTS and TAFE NSW. Pam has commenced a research project on the history of our field in NSW, and will share some of her early findings in her presentation. 
Liz Atkins is an adult education teacher educator and researcher from Federation University. Liz recently arrived from the UK where she had completed a study on young learners’ perceptions of VET programs (in the UK), with findings that resonate with our own experiences here, and which will provoke critical reflection on what we do. 
Julie Choi is an ESOL and adult teacher education academic at UTS who recently completed her doctorate in the area of multilingual studies, based on her autoethnography exploring her multilingual life journeys and identities. In both her paid and unpaid work, she has been exploring learners’ multiliteracies development through creative writing/ production. 
Jude Cooke and Julie Magri are TAFE Outreach practitioners at Mt Druitt with more than three decades of experience between them. They are graduates of UTS Adult Education with a keen commitment achieving social justice through adult education.
Academics and professionals from the field will present a range of workshops including:

  • Improving Health Literacy: The Being Healthy, Staying Healthy Program: Kirsten McCaffery, Suzanne Morony, Mary Johnston, Sandra Lawrence 
  • Weighing the Pigs: Looking at Online LLN assessment:Jill Finch 
  • Public Libraries and Literacy Education: Please take your partners: Pamela Davies, Chris Jones, Maureen Henninger 
  • Getting serious with comics: Amanda Josling, Zoe Humphries 
  • Using the Numeracy Units in the FSK Training Package Environment: Liz Agars
  • Aboriginal women’s poetry writing: Estelle Rozinski, Gail Murphy, Penny Morris 

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