Friday, 6 August 2021

NSWALNC Workshop – Teaching online job-seeking skills – 5.30 Thursday 9 September via Zoom

This workshop will discuss a video created by Denise de Pauw, a doctoral student at the University of Lancaster, on her research on the online job-seeking experience of a migrant job-seeker. In the video ‘The Glass Collecting Job’ that we will discuss at the workshop, de Pauw takes us to a charity work club in the UK where a volunteer is trying to help a migrant job-seeker apply for a job. Workshop participants are asked to view the video prior to the workshop, and reflect on the following questions to discuss with colleagues at the workshop:

1. What do you teach your adult learners about online job-seeking skills?

2. What dilemma for teachers is presented to us in de Pauw’s study; are there implications for us in our work with job-seekers?

The video link to the ‘The Glass Collecting Job’ video is:

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