Thursday, 27 August 2020

NSWALNC Reading Group - 5.30 pm 3rd September 2020

                      A Lifelong and Life-Wide Framework for Adult Literacy Education 

Stephen Reder, Portland State University

Access the article at:

Discussion questions:

In this article, Reder argues that “adult literacy education needs to be repositioned within a new framework of lifelong and life-wide learning, a framework in which new policies are formulated, programs are designed and evaluated, and research is funded and carried out” (Reder, 2020, p. 48). 

·       To what extent do you believe this argument also applies in the Australian context? What are some specific reasons for your response?

·       Do you see similar problems in the current Australian programs that Reder sees in the US programs?

·       Do you believe that a lifelong and lifewide policy is also needed in Australia? What might be some of the difficulties achieving in such a policy here?

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