Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Artifactual Literacies Project 5.30 Thursday 13 October 2022

 ·      Implement an artifactual literacies project in your class

 ·      Celebrate the students' writings through an exhibition in your college

 ·      Nominate a selection of your students' work to be displayed on the NSWALNC Online Artifactual Literacies Gallery 

Artifactual literacies as a pedagogy is based on the idea that every learner will have an artifact to which they attach personal signifiance and meaning. The artifact can be used to elicit the learner's memories, passions, knowledge and cultural practices that can be transformed into different types of oral, written and multimodal texts. It can be the basis of their identity text

Creating multimodal texts that give voice to who the learners are: their values and beliefs, their background, their 'ruling passions', what they want others to see in them. 

Room D6.06 at Ultimo TAFE for the workshop - 5.30 - 7.00pm

 Thursday 13th October 2022, the first Thursday of next term