Tuesday, 1 October 2013

ACAL 2013 Conference - Local Practice Global Contexts

In 2013 the NSW Adult Literacy & Numeracy Council (NSW ALNC) hosted the ACAL conference - for details and presentations go to the conference website.
8 conference themes ran through the conference:
  • Creating educational pathways
  • Developing the L and N workforce
  • Interrogating theories and policies
  • Embedding LLN in VET
  • Working with VET products
  • Improving people's lives (Tuesday only)
  • Strengthening communities (Wednesday only)
  • Innovative learning environments
The preliminary findings of the 2011/2012 international adult literacy survey – PIAAC (Programme of International Assessment of Adult Competence) have just been released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australia was one of 26 countries that participated in this survey, and leading educational groups are already highlighting the ‘alarming’ findings and their implications for the skills of educational providers to improve adult literacy and numeracy levels. In recent years education policy researchers have analysed how the findings from international surveys undertaken by the OECD (such as PIAAC) have translated into national adult literacy and numeracy policies and hence to the content and delivery of local adult literacy and numeracy programmes.