Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Book Launch: Beyond Economic Interests - Friday 27 May 2016

Book Launch: Beyond Economic Interests: Critical Perspectives on Adult Literacy and Numeracy in a Globalised World, 27 May 2016

The NSWALNC and UTS held a book launch for Beyond Economic Interests
Critical Perspectives on Adult Literacy and Numeracy in a Globalised World edited by
KEIKO YASUKAWA and STEPHEN BLACK (eds) with contributions from 
Mary Hamilton, Jeff Evans, Inge Kral, Sue Ollerhead, Chris Holland, Diana Coben, Niki McCartney, Pat Strauss, Jacquie Widin, Bob Boughton, Vicky Duckworth, Robin McCormack, Ludi Simpson & Judy Hunter

Over the last two decades, an increasingly economistic discourse has dominated discussions about adult literacy and numeracy. This book provides critiques of, and alternative narratives to the dominant discourse.  Beyond Economic Interests presents the struggles and achievements of practitioners and learners that lead the readers of the book to critically appreciate that a counter narrative to the purely economistic discourse of adult literacy and numeracy is much needed, and possible. 

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